About Us

In home & garden, camping & outdoor life and dried food categories we offer personalized gifts for special days and events. We specially design our products with your feelings.

Since we started our business in September 2013, we worked with thousands of customers from all around the World. It taught us that we are still at the beginning and we have a lot of to do.

Our vision : To establish an export network around the world, to be a company which evoking the quality with its brand by gaining satisfaction of all the customers.

Our mission : Encouraging the sustainability of traditional arts from generation to generation, delivering the best quality products in the fastest way, becoming a preferred and leading company in the sector.

Core Values: Customer Satisfaction, Accessibility, Quality Product, Quality Packaging, Fast Supply and Delivery, Customer Benefits.

Warehouse Turkey

Beycegiz Mah, Kosoglu Cad, No13, 46500, Afsin, Kahramanmaras TURKEY

Phone: +90 555 88 777 99  

Email: sale@enesozden.com

Warehouse Finland:

Kivivuorenkuja 4 H, 01620, Vantaa, FINLAND

Phone: +358 41 314 3550  

Email: sale@enesozden.com